Organisation issues

I'm kind of dissapointed by some general issues here you know.

1st one is that there is no common place to discuss and submit bugs - everyone post their problems and solutions at different places: forums, comments, blogs... little tired to navigate around here to find what i want to. Hey ppl, i think it is very easy to make bug submition subforum and just agree to post there, eh?


2nd one - there is no any modifications subforum. This is common practice to make mods for open source products you know. Especialy now, when extension requirement gone "heavy" i want to see separate subforum for useful modifications and customizations that do not fit into extension requirements. Yes, this is commonly free mods.


3rd one - no readable version history for products?... omg, have no words. I prefer to know exactly what i am updating to and what i will get from that.


As a potential customer i'm getting dissapointed more and more... community software can't establish own community based on default principles...

Quote · 31 May 2008
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