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Before I start, this problem is on a friend's site I upgraded for him from 7.1.4 to 7.3.4 via the upgrade stream. Thanks to some input from  Zarconia the upgrade is stable, but I seem to be having a problem with the Outline.

My colleague never used the Outline or Timeline on his site so the problem didn't roll over from 7.1.4. On noticing the problem, I reinstalled the timeline module to no avail.

The problem:

Please see attached schematic. Uploaded photos are displayed in the Timeline and Outline okay. When a member posts additional photos after a break of an hour, they also appear okay.

When the member posts a third lot, the second batch disappears from the Outline only. The first lot is retained.

It almost looks like a setting is only allowing one batch of photos to appear every xxx hours, but I'm unable to locate such a setting.

Clicking the More button doesn't help.

Any clues anyone?

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Hello johnk42!


It's very interesting problem, may you specify some details for better chcking from my side:

1) are there any limits for users tested by you in photos and timeline modules?

2) upload photos "after a break of an hour" - is it necessary condition?

With the best regards, Leonid

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Thanks for following up @Leonid. This is actually for a subscriber's site, but on testing my own site I've discovered the same problem.

I'm concerned that your question 1 may be an answer to the problem, however as far as I can see, all settings appear normal. I actually can't find a setting limiting the number of daily events or events per user for the Outline, so maybe this is the issue?

Being an hour or so apart isn't the problem, other than photos are still incorporated in the same block. This is probably by design so it doesn't worry me.

It seems the Outline is limited to three (3) photos a day but the Timeline isn't. That doesn't explain why the third photo sometimes vanishes.

Hopefully the attached PDF will help. It's very difficult to explain.

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Hello johnk42!


Thank you for detailed report, we're checking it.


With best regards, Leonid

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