Over 100% match!?!

Hi All,

How does the Matching work?

On the search page on the site I am working on there are other test users that are showing as 340% Match !!

How can that be?

Quote · 3 Apr 2013

check the "matching" tab on all your profile fields for the values you have set in "match percent". If they all add up to more than 100%, you need to fix that.

Quote · 3 Apr 2013

Ahhh - that would make sense :)

Cheers, will get onto that now.

Quote · 3 Apr 2013

I don't understand what the percentage of matching is for.  If I am a man searching for a woman, I want those to be 100%.  So shouldn't I set both of those fields to 100?  If I only want to find someone with hazel eyes, shouldn't I have that set at 100?

Quote · 7 Apr 2013

AFAIK, you set them as weights with a total value of 100%. Members are more concerned with finding someone that is close to them so for me, I give location the biggest values and go from there.

Quote · 8 Apr 2013

it would be great to have a one page view/edit of all the match field values.

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