PUP UP bottom menu is not working

Dear all,


I dont know why but my bottum menu is not working anymore.

I have try all but when I click on a link I see only javascript: void(0)


How I can fix it?

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Quote · 11 Mar 2019

Look in your browser error console for JS errors.  Have you added anything new recently that required adding any js code to the header?

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I have added a lot, bute I dont know how I can look.


The console bring no fault.


Something else what I can do?

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In the consol I see this:


unreachable code after return statement[Weitere Informationen] jquery.webForms.js:195:8

Synchrone XMLHttpRequests am Haupt-Thread sollte nicht mehr verwendet werden, weil es nachteilige Effekte für das Erlebnis der Endbenutzer hat. Für weitere Hilfe siehe http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/ jquery.js:4:26097

unreachable code after return statement[Weitere Informationen]

And When I click on

Then this entries is marekd:

         .return this;

When someone would like to look here the Site:


Any Idea?


Quote · 11 Mar 2019

When you are adding in javascript/jquery code, you should test after adding on all the pages, menus etc.

What you can do is to comment out the JS code you have added and then clear caches etc.  By the way, try first turning off the JS cache/compression in the back end and then clear the /cache /cache_public and in the back end under tools cache.  Sometimes the JS cache/compression will screw up code and prevent it from working.

If turning off JS cache/compression does not fix it, then turn your attention to the code you added.  Comment out each set of scripts and enable one by one checking for when it breaks.


document.getElementById("myH").innerHTML = "Welcome to my Homepage";
document.getElementById("myP").innerHTML = "This is my first paragraph.";

That will prevent the script code from running as it turns it into a comment.

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