Please add "city" to profiles

Hi- would you guys mind adding "city" to the user profiles.  I would like to find people in my town- San Diego, California, that I can work with on Dolphin projects.  Knowing a user is from the U.S. - or some other big country doesn't help much if you are looking for someone in your area to work with.

Thank you


Quote · 22 May 2008

Hello Roob

It's a good idea. :)



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You can add a predefine list of Cities, (and you can also get the list from google) and then by adding a new Item to profile builder you can have your City option. Very simple

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Yossi- I am talking about Unity- this is a forum about Unity- i.e. this network.  I have no control over what profile fields are added here.  This was a suggestion for the administrator.

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