Please stop bumping old topics!

There have been quite a few occasions recently where I have seen posts that were 2, 3, 6 years old being bumped.


Dolphin has changed A LOT over the years. What may have caused an issue 5 years, is probably not the same reason you may be having it today. There's even a good chance that the person who started the post may not even be active any longer... who knows.


We definitely appreciate you searching the forums first, but if the post hasn't been active in years, you are better off starting a new one.


P.S. This will also help keep you from getting a visit from the famous HL Cool

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I didn't know I was famous.  I'll have to start a fan club.

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"I have seen posts that were 2, 3, 6 years old being bumped" that are still relevant and if they are having the same issue then who cares what the time stamp is on the post.  To go around and lock posts just because of a time stamp is stupid.  Why not just answer there question and move on. 

Who are you to tell people what they can or can not post about in an old post.  it has nothing to do with you and what you think.  Your just making more records in the database table and forcing people to waste there time to make a new post of the same thing they just wrote. 

If you have nothing to add to the post other then hey stupid look at the post date we are going to lock it now...  Just leave it be and move on and let people continue the conversation. - Skype: Dolphin Techs
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Most bumps are for unrelated issues or don't really help much (e.g., somebody bumps a thread from 5 years ago to ask "did you try X?"). This isn't the case for all, and some threads are still relevant, but I feel old threads should auto-lock after about a year or two with no replies, with a link to open a new thread. Or maybe push auto-locks back and add a warning message to new replies to check the date and make sure their post is relevant. I've seen plenty of forums that warn a user to double-check before bumping an old thread.


I lock threads all the time because of the above issues. If the user's issue is unrelated, it's confusing for them to start posting in an old thread that's all ready populated with old posts and error messages, etc. So I'll ask them to open a new thread for their issue, and I'll lock the old thread to prevent similar occurrences. The same if somebody bumps an old thread for no reason or with a post that's really not helpful. I don't think these are bad reasons to lock a thread, and that's standard practice on many forums. I've made mistakes and locked threads when I shouldn't have, but I'll listen to feedback and re-open them.


I think BoonEx should decide on this, but I agree with Chris - in most cases, old threads should be left alone.


Thread closed. That was a joke.

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