Premium Membership Badges Mod Support (Modzzz) - part 2

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@galanopd - As stated in my previous response, you should not be looking at the patches folder at all because this is a first time installation of the module. You should only be concerned with the instructions in the readme.txt.

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Hello Modzzz,

My apologies for this duplicate post. I have already posted it in the Member Highlight Pro forum. It's because this update needs to be done in these two modules.

With the Dolphin 7.4.2 upgrade, precisely the Dolphin 7.4.0 Patch, the following files have been modified:





But unfortunately these files packed in your Membership Badges Mod for Dolphin 7.4.x have not been updated. The new Membership Badges Mod still has the old files version from Dolphin 7.3.5.

So the following files in the package need to be updated to reflect the changes introduced with Dolphin 7.4.x:

Membership Badges\Membership Badges - Dolphin 7.4\Badge_files\templates\base\thumbnail_couple.html 

Membership Badges\Membership Badges - Dolphin 7.4\Badge_files\templates\base\thumbnail_couple_plain.html

Membership Badges\Membership Badges - Dolphin 7.4\Badge_files\templates\basethumbnail_single.html 

Membership Badges\Membership Badges - Dolphin 7.4\Badge_files\templates\basethumbnail_single_plain.html 

Beside that, it seems that there is also a mistake in the code change as these modifications apply for both Membership Badges and Member Highlight Pro Mods.

Exemple: Two styles in a single ligne: style='__ring_style__' src= and style="__orientation__"

Should the two style=" codes be used in the same line?


<!-- [begin] membership level icon (modzzz) -->


<img style='__ring_style__' src="__level_icon_url__" alt="__level_icon_title__" title="__level_icon_title__"   class="sys-member-level"  style="__orientation__" />


<!-- [end] membership level icon (modzzz) -->

While in some other files you put:

<!-- [begin] membership level icon (modzzz) -->


<img src="__level_icon_url__" alt="__level_icon_title__" title="__level_icon_title__"   class="sys-member-level"  style="__orientation__" />


<!-- [end] membership level icon (modzzz) -->

As said, these updates needs to be done in both Membership Badges and Member Highlight Pro Mods because they both use the four template files mentionned above.

Note: I have also posted this same message in the Member Highlight Pro Mod forum to remind you to updade it as well.


Quote · 19 Sep 2019

Hello Modzz,

How to display the membership description in the membership badges block? Membership title and expiration date are displayed to the onwer but not the description.

In /modules/modzzz/badge/templates/base/current.html I have added the following line:

<div style="align="justify" class="mbp-level-description">__description__</div>

like this:


<div class="clear_both"></div>  

<div class="badge-level-title">__expires__</div>

            <div class="mbp-level-description">__description__</div>


but nothing is being displayed to the user, just __description__

Did I miss something? Please advise.


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