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Hello everybody.
This is a support forum for our Profiles Auto Moderator module.
If you have some questions or suggestions regarding it feel free to post them here or contact us directly.

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Quote · 25 Apr 2016

This is a great module. I've been testing it on a friend's site, but I have found one problem which stops me from purchasing it. Although the module works fine, I need it to find members who add their email address or phone number in their description and other text fields. I've added "@" to the list of bad words, but the search finds it being used in the email address field which isn't public. I've also added "04" which is Australia's mobile prefix, but this can also appear in the member's date of birth which also isn't public either.

Is there any way non public fields can be excluded in the search?

Quote · 13 Jun 2019

It is possible to exclude certain fields from being parsed via a simple customization. If you'll purchase the module then we will provide you with that customization.

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Quote · 13 Jun 2019

Thanks Anton. I'll do it now.

Quote · 13 Jun 2019

Edit the file modules/aqb/profiles_auto_moderator/classes/AqbPAMModule.php, find the line

if (!$sFieldValue || !is_string($sFieldValue)) continue;

and insert right below it the code

if (in_array($sField, array(
))) continue;

You may add more fields to this list if you wish. 

P.S. Or we may send you an already modified version of the module if you wish. 

Best Regards AntonLV -
Quote · 13 Jun 2019
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