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AndrewP "Promoter" support thread here

Quote · 14 Feb 2013

I hope folks take time to check out that video- That's pretty sweet!

Excellent work Andrew- that's going on my list!

Quote · 16 Feb 2013

Thank you, right now this is my own work, not integration. It uses api of various networks to work with contacts.

Quote · 16 Feb 2013

Is Promoter an expandation or continuation of Inviter?

Quote · 2 Jun 2013

No, this is new product (which initially was developed as a stand alone product), only in few months, I decided to make it as a module for Dolphin CMS. This is not the integration anymore

Quote · 2 Jun 2013

* Live(Outlook) mail provider was integrated

Quote · 24 Feb 2014

I too was checking this out and this is one sweet mod. I will also put this on my list. Thanks!!

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Quote · 1 Apr 2014

Andrew, Are you able to provide some additional documentation regarding the set-up of promoter.

I am trying to get it set up for Linked In but can not get it to work for fetching my contacts.




Quote · 28 Apr 2014

Yes, of course, I can give all the necessary information. And maybe I will add it directly into the product (as the admin's manual)

Quote · 29 Apr 2014

That would be terrific Andrew, maybe just some examples for the various options. The main one I want to use at this stage is Linked In but want to set up the others also.

Quote · 30 Apr 2014

* Gmail provider was updated to newer APIs
* Instruction about obtaining API keys (for Gmail, Mailru and Yahoo) was added to readme file

Quote · 12 Oct 2014
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