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Hello everybody.
This is a support forum for our Quick File Share module.
If you have some questions or suggestions regarding it feel free to post them here or contact us directly.

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Quote · 2 Apr 2015

The current File system changes the file name when downloading from an iPad or iPhone. Does your Quick File Share module change the file name when it is download using an iPad or iPhone?


It is very important that the name of the file remain the same as many of them have connecting links and if the name is changed the links back and forth between some files break.

Quote · 1 Dec 2015

No, it keeps the original filename. If you have an iPad or iPhone then you may test it on our public demo site


Login: aqbtest

Password: xxxxx

Best Regards AntonLV - http://www.boonex.com/market/posts/AntonLV
Quote · 1 Dec 2015
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