Radio Module Support (AndrewP)

This is the support forum for the Radio Module.

Quote · 10 Mar 2012

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

Quote · 14 Nov 2012

Приветствую Андрей!

Модуль русифицируется?

Quote · 16 Jan 2013


Конечно, все продукты переводимы.

Quote · 16 Jan 2013

New features (version 2.1.2):
* skins support (three skins are provided). You can download more skins here
* settings page in admin panel. You can change the following params: skin, language and codec

Quote · 5 Oct 2013

New features (v.2.1.3):
* powerful tool to manage categories (jquery.dataTables + jquery.Jeditable)
* possibility to edit stations
* possibility to assign different codecs for different stations

Quote · 21 Dec 2013

Version 2.1.4:

* filtered and removed the old non-working radiostations and added about 80 new stations

Quote · 12 Apr 2014

Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.0

Quote · 24 Sep 2015

Привет, хороший модуль цена только кусачая. Может как то можно подешевше?

Quote · 22 Feb 2016
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