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This is a support forum for our Rewards System module.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding it feel free to post them here or contact us directly.

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Quote · 3 May 2016



Module was updated.

For update you just need to overwrite old files with new ones.

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Quote · 11 Jun 2016

I am having issues with my Reward system. I have created some rewards on my website (,

but members can not see any button on the reward view page, with which to exchange their points for the reward. I am so confused right now.


And again, i can not add the reward to my Navigation menu

Quote · 9 Apr 2017



Rewards exchange button is available only when member has enough points to change. If you like I can enable it for you for all members.  


About navigation menu: It must be at the top of the site menu, if it is not here then you nee to check Navigation menu builder may be it was removed by mistake.


We can check it, if you provide us with your access info via inbox.

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