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I am looking for a Mod I can add to my D7 site to enable me to provide IT courses online - something similar to or or  linkedin: - is there such a Mod out there ?


Quote · 5 May 2020

I assume you're looking for something with a payment gateway. Otherwise Modzzz has a Tutorials module which I use. 

If so, you may need to look beyond Dolphin for a stand-alone script with its own membership base. Here's an example:

Crikey, it's been reduced from$1,500 to $99. What a bargain Cool

I've found a very simple Google search often gets the results you need:

Script like udemy

Script like Linkedin

Quote · 6 May 2020

Thank you so much John ! I could not believe how cheap this script is, so I jumped on it & purchased it today. To return the favor, once I set it up on my server, you are welcome to join me if you wish to offer some type of courses or Tutoring online.  I will be offering courses online mainly around AWS Cloud at a very reasonable price and some of them will be free of charge. I used to teach part time night classes, I really enjoy helping & transferring knowledge to others. With this online tutoring platform, it will enable me to reach the world by edges so to peak..

Thanks again.

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In the review, which I think they wrote, they said the admin section could be tricky. I hope it works out okay for you and good luck with the project. I'm not sure I have any useful skills to teach anyone these days, but I did teach dBaseII and database design way back in the 80's.

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