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My site keeps giving my errors when I try to do searches or use the search bar.  Any ideas how I can fix this?

My site is


The only search that works is in the forum.  All of the other searches fail.

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Hello ikanica!


Did you receive any messages about database errors to your bug report email?

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No, I have not received any messages about database errors.

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Basically when I try to do a search a page pops up saying "Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page."

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Could it be because my site is a subdomain?

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When you get this message, a corresponding email message would have been sent to the email that you configured as "bug report email" for your site. That email message has the details of what is causing the error. PM LeonidS (or myself) the contents of that email and we will further advise you.

Basically when I try to do a search a page pops up saying "Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page."


Paypal email is -
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Okay I will try to figure out why the email isn't coming.

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I finally found it.  It was in my spam folder and that is why I couldn't find it.  I feel kind of dumb now.  Anyway I still don't know how to fix the problem.


This is the email: 

An uncaught exception was thrown in

Type: PDOException

Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared

File: /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php

Line: 167

Debug backtrace:

#0 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(167): PDOStatement->execute(Array)<br />
#1 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(231): BxDolDb->res('SELECT\n        ...', Array)<br />
#2 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolSubscriptionQuery.php(59): BxDolDb->getRow('SELECT\n        ...', Array)<br />
#3 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolSubscriptionQuery.php(235): BxDolSubscriptionQuery->getSubscription('system', 'design_included')<br />
#4 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolSubscription.php(312): BxDolSubscriptionQuery->sendDelivery(Array)<br />
#5 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolAlerts.php(82): BxDolSubscription->send('system', 'design_included', 0, Array)<br />
#6 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ BxDolAlerts->alert()<br />
#7 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#8 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/periodic/cron.php(13): require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#9 {main}

Called script: cron.php

Request parameters:


-- Auto-report system

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Hello ikainca!


By many examples of this error you may try to execute this solution:


SET GLOBAL table_definition_cache = 1024

Quote · 31 Dec 2019

What file should I put this in?  I am guessing BxDolDb.php?

Quote · 1 Jan 2020

It should be run in your MySQL server.

Quote · 1 Jan 2020

I am afraid that I do not follow.  Is this a file in my c-panel file manger?  I could easily navigate my file manager if I know what I am looking for.

Quote · 2 Jan 2020

I feel kind of dumb for asking this with pictures.  I am so sorry.


From this point I go to the File Manager right?  Not the MySQL Databases.


Quote · 2 Jan 2020

I understand paths with my file manager and how to edit files.   However I have never used the MySQL Databases.  When I click it, the inside looks like this.  All I understand is that each one is to a different site I host.

Quote · 2 Jan 2020

It's better to ask this part form your hosting support, because it may be different for the different servers.

Quote · 2 Jan 2020

They said I would have to change my hosting package to change this setting.  So is there anything else I could try?  My other boonex site is working fine.


Quote · 5 Jan 2020

Some things to try:

1) Run 

SET GLOBAL table_definition_cache = 8192;

in you phpMyAdmin

2) try to delete some unnecessary fields from Profiles

3) Upgrade you MySQL to a newer version

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