Seriously Guys???



Not trying to be rude, but I currently already have a pretty good niche social networking website using XXX! and XXX and just wanted to research and compare other options.


I stumbled upon your solution and think your sales and marketing site looks quite nice with the message a support/sales member and even the forum and products pages + features, but when I actually checked out your demo I was appalled!


For the sandbox test you provide username admin and password dolphin, but in main site demo you give no login credentials!!!


Anyway, it doesn't even matter because after spending about 5 minutes I could quickly tell how awful your platform is and can't even comprehend how ANYONE would buy a $599 license never mind an EXTREMELY high subscription plan!!!


This web app software is garbage!


I either must be missing something here or your sales website looks fancy and is set up to be a ponzi scheme in comparison to XXX or XXX.


Future buyers be aware!

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Without actually using it - which you can do at no cost - it may seem you have not seen the benefit. I started with Joomla and after finding Dolphin - I wanted to shoot the person who introduced me to Joomla. It really depends on what it is you are trying to do and what yo uwant to accomplish. Not everything is going to make everyone happy. And just because you may not like it - there are those of us who do - so please, do not bash.
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That's what I told several times, Appearance Matters

Not all are going to check what are the feature it provides. First they look, how it looks then only they will try it!

But Boonex team is so busy that they are repeatedly ignoring users need, they are losing their new customers, one day they will loose their existing one too!

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LMAO - "Not trying to be rude, but"..


I find it odd you spent the time to bash a product you evaluated for "5 minutes". 


I'd advise future buyers to not take this seriously, as the guy is heated about one of the two demos not having a login.  Which is clearly labeled and by design.


As a past user of the two alternate platforms you mentioned, I'd back Dolphin any day.  You might too, if you didn't get so worked up over a demo login.

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@alexm1337 it appears you have been watching too much porn dude.. Get yourself a mule and you can bash & bang her all night long..

How can you talk nonsense without even trying the product.. If you have any decency left in you, you could have asked questions and anyone in this community would be more than willing to help including myself.  Here is a hint, there are some hosting companies within this community who can install and configure your Demo for less than $5/month and you can test all the features this products has to offer and welcome to ask questions about anything you wish.. Very simple.  Rest assured you will not be disappointed..

I am not a salesperson nor do I work for anyone at Boonex, I am simply a client and been using this product for over 5yrs now. I once went thru what you are going thru now; however I did not jump into conclusions and started making a fool out of myself; but rather, I simply asked questions. The help I got from this community was so overwhelming, as result I am still here today after 5yrs and I even purchased more than one license. One of my Dolphin sites has over 15,000 registered members and that speaks volume..

And for your information, I am an IT person, been there, done that for about 20yrs & currently managing multi-million dollars systems including some major eCommerce sites, ERP suites, Oracle - you name it..  I know a great product when I see it & feel it.  Before I made the decision to purchase Dolphin, I  was part of lots of other Social Network communities and none of them produced SOLID RESULTS I was looking for as much as Boonex does today...

You are making a huge mistake by judging a product just because you could not find an Acct to test the process. Whereas if you took the time and asked questions, I myself could have given you space on my dedicated server so you can test whatever you need to test..  However, if you are going to act in a such manner, there are lots of other places you can go to and pollute their platforms as much as you can, but not this one..

My advice to you is to reconsider again & offer an apology to this community.  After all, we would love to have you part of this great community.  My intention is not to chase you away by any means, but I am simply defending this great product because everything you said is absolutely WRONG !


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You should never bite the hand that feeds you. By looking and commenting, it implies that you're not entirely happy with XXX and XXX which you are free to name here. One day when you become completely frustrated with the two, you may find your way back here for another peak. It's best to take deliberate aim rather than shooting off all your bullets in one go.

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