Seriously Guys???alexm1337 started 11 Apr 2016 · demmy replied 12 Apr 2016Hey,   Not trying to be rude, but I currently already have a pretty good niche social networking website using ...
Starter Template for Dolphin 7.2.0houstonlively started 25 Sep 2015 · theplantchannel replied 15 Nov 2015This is an update to a 'Starter Template' topic I made for Dolphin 7.1. Here, I've updated it for Dolphin 7.2.0   ...
change date formatyzisano started 10 Nov 2015 · houstonlively replied 10 Nov 2015hi, how can i change the format of the date picker. from short (nov,jan) to long (November,January) ?
Deleting unused category nameshoustonlively started 9 Dec 2011 · houstonlively replied 31 Oct 2015Deleting categories from various modules, places those category names under the "Pending Approval" tab in admin > settings...
Mail: Outbox messages are always marked as newhoustonlively started 26 Oct 2015 · houstonlively replied 26 Oct 2015rubbish  
John McGrewLightWolf started 15 Aug 2015 · houstonlively replied 19 Aug 2015Have not been on this site for long time. Upon my return I received a email from a member about John McGrew..Now all the olde...
Using Dolphin for Job Matching Sitetacman1123 started 3 Nov 2010 · mscott replied 25 Jul 2015What would be the basic strategy for tweaking Dolphin to be used as a technical Job Matching site?  Instead of matching on da...
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