Using Dolphin for Job Matching Site

What would be the basic strategy for tweaking Dolphin to be used as a technical Job Matching site?  Instead of matching on dating traits (sex, height, weight, religion, education) as most dating sites do, the matching would be more about skills -- programming languages, experience, operating systems, etc.

I think I understand how to configure the profile fields with things I want, mostly checkboxes, e.g. What Javascript Libraries do you use?  []JQuery []Prototype []mootools, although I haven't figured out how to match those in the searching for part.

More importantly, at the moment, is figuring out how to differentiate between Employer and Employee (or Contractor).  Instead of having the first two questions be about gender -- I am a ()Man ()Woman seeking []Man []Woman -- I'd need it to be I am an []Employer []Contractors []Full Time Job Hunter, and depending on what that selection was, the "Seeking" part would be something like

Employer Seeking []Full Time Employees []Part Time Employees []Contractors

and the opposite would be people seeking Full Time or Part time employee positions, or individual contracting job.

I think most of the underlying tools are there, if I can get the matching to work.  Employees can upload their resumes, I'll probably need to write a module that Employers can create job listings (I've been working through the Bloggie example module) with particular attributes that can then be tweaked for the search matching to work.

Thoughts? Warnings? Strategies?



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I'm very interested in this question too. Has anyone got any thoughts on how to do it?

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I am also very interested in this.

This thread has been open with no replies for over a year... I"m hopeful that someone will weigh in soon.

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It's been over a year, was created 2010..

You could try and edit the join form fields and add a few questions yourself.

changing the profile info

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I LOVE this kind of thing, and this is mostly what I use Dolphin for.   On the simplest level - make fields for "industries" and fields for "skills" and then use the standard matching for that.  For what this member described, and profile splitting mod would probably also be necessary.   Although not specifically a jobs site, see a site I am building for business collaboration at   I've got  a few different sites like this in the works.  Please send me a private message if you would like to explore ways to work together.


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This is what I would like to do with our site. Has anyone had any further advances on using the matching for job matching?

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