Several Questions

Hello community,

I have several questions which i have been unable to fine answers for in old forum posts, or replies are for dated versions of dolphin


Question 1:

How do I edit the size of the splash banner? The default banner, if enabled, takes up about 1/4th of the user's mobile screen. I like the banner to be a quarter of the size. If i edit graphic dimensions and reupload it, the file with the graphic dimensions gets stretched out, back to the default banner size. I used inspector tools to what I think is the CSS file which i should edit, however i cant find it in the file manager. How do I edit the size of the splash banner? Is my approach overly complicated is there an easier way of doing it?


Question 2:

How to disable video downloads.

Admin>Modules>Flash Apps>click on the plus for "Video Player, Settings Folder Icon, the setting is there..."

However, with this disabled and yet HTML5 still has download function by right-clicking. The code would be like this...


Where to put that? or how would i disable this in 7.5?

Question 3:

Video watermark

Is there a way to display a video water mark on every frame of file, when system converts video? Its a setting in the player, however it doesnt seem to work in 7.5. Id prefer to save money on buying additional modules

Question 4:

Is there a way to display albums in a particular order. Not just alphabetically, but by popularity or rating.

Question 5:

How do i edit what buttons appear in an action menu. Example looking at a users profile

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I did my best to find an answer on these forums before making this post.

best regards

Quote · 30 Nov 2018

2. We already did this:

api.disableFileContextMenuOption isn't standard API

3. there is no watermark for video by default, it's better to buy 3rd-party module for this

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Question 1.

You could always use my free splash screen variation which resizes the image. It also has a small and simple slideshow:

Also look at the remainder of the site and figure out the way the profile banners operate. It's magic and it's a simple one-line mod.

PM me if interested.

Question 5:

This can be done but it requires messing with the database. You can use Modzzz Actons Manager which is much easier to use:

As Modzzz is having a 50% off sale until the end of the year, it will cost you a whole 10 bucks.

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Question 4:


It can be done only via the redeclaration of methods actionAlbums and / or getAlbumPageBrowse in any of child class like BxPhotosModule (modules/boonex/photos/classes/BxPhotosModule.php file, the same situation for files, sounds and videos modules). The original methods were declared in inc/classes/BxDolFilesModule.php file.


Below you may see the code from the first-mentioned method which generates a browse albums page.


        if($sParamName == 'browse' && $sParamValue == 'all') {
            $sContent = $this->getAlbumPageBrowse(array($sParamName, $sParamValue, $sParamValue1, $sParamValue2, $sParamValue3));
            $this->_oTemplate->pageCode($this->aPageTmpl, array('page_main_code' => $sContent));
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Thank you for your help everyone!

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So have you solved the shrinking spash page issue? If so, maybe you would care to share your solution.

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