Site Maintenance not working after 7.3.1 upgrade

I've just upgraded to 7.3.1 but now can't get the Site Maintenance module to work... everything seems ok in admin but the site is still public... any ideas before I uninstall and install the module again?

Quote · 23 Jun 2016

What version did you upgrade from? 7.3.1 had no changes to, but 7.3.0 did. So if you overwrote that file, you'll need to re-add the maintenance code to it.


Note: I'm assuming this is Deano's module. If not, then it's best to check with the vendor.

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Quote · 23 Jun 2016

You need to upgrade to the current version of the module.

You should check with any other modules you purchased as well. Many 3'rd party modules will need to be updated to properly support dolphin 7.3.

Also note: The new version of my maint mode module no longer requires source code changes to dolphin.
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Thanks Deano... upgraded and all's working. It asks for a licence key... is that required for an upgrade? I cannot find one from the original purchase.

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Just found my key... might help if I read the info in the module :)

Activated my account and retrieved the key... very easy and well explained. Thanks.

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