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I changed the site email and when i hit the send test email in the host tools tabs it doesnt send an email. If i change the email back to the original email and send a test email it works.


This leads me to think that the site email needs a password update to work with the new email. 


if true can anyone point me to where the password can be changed?

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If you server require authentification for mail sending then you need to install, enable and setup module SMTP mailer via Modules panel in admin area. Then set up there Username and Password of your server (after instllation it will be located here [url to your Dolphin site]/modules/?r=smtpmailer/administration/).


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I did that. 


I used google smtp and its not working.

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Hi again!

I mean default module "SMTP mailer" by BoonEx. If you installed and setup it, then please PM me URL and access details of your Dolphin site.


With the best regards, Leonid

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