Sounds not centered in block

i have noticed after adding sounds to my profile that they are showing up but they are half in and half out of block

on home page, how to correct this?

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Quote · 10 Feb 2018

It's a bit hard to see from the photo. A screenshot would have been better, but it looks like your template is modified. If it's a third party template, you should write to the developer. If you did the work yourself, you've managed to do something wrong.

In either case, I think there's little we can do for you to fix it.

Quote · 11 Feb 2018

yes it a 3rd party template, i will have a look in there, you helped me, i was to close to it and din't think about it being the 3rd party template

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well still waiting to hear from the theme creator i am having trouble with their theme, they seem to be only interested in getting paid and not helping people who purchased there products, the theme i speaking of have more than a few flaws but i guess a bad review is in order for them, a taste of reality is in order after i give them 1 more day to reply to me and acknowledge i am the paying customer!.


but? i opened the same page i having trouble with using all the themes which comes with the dolphin download, each one of the themes having same problem displaying the sounds images, they are all half in and half out of the block. i also considered it might be browser? so i tried 5 different browsers with same result. i am not ruling out anything at this point, really am posting to point out a possible error in script but if it me any help is appreciated.

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Quote · 12 Feb 2018

Do you know how to use the Inspector on Google or FireFox. That's the easiest way to find the problem. If we can't see the page on your site, you may have to share your password with someone so that they can look at the page in question.

Quote · 12 Feb 2018

first off, i fixed the problem, it was really a simple thing, i will leave this here for anyone else who have this similar problem, 


here the fix, i increased the width of the block 2% and the sounds fit right in place, basically i had made my columns to small, would love to take the credit but?


and apologies first for losing my patience toward theme creater, it was the creater of the theme that fixed this problem for me, he nailed it right away.


thanks for all help.

Quote · 12 Feb 2018

Thanks for letting us know the successful outcome. It's followup feedback like this that makes the forum work.



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