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Hello everybody.

This is a support forum for our Splash Advertising module.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding it, feel free to post them here or contact us directly.

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Quote · 29 Nov 2013

Is this just for the rotating position at the top built into dolphin? What are the ad placement options?  Can ads be set to expire? Can they be purchased automated through the mod?  Thanks

Quote · 30 Nov 2013

Hello, myhuntprofile!


In current version you can not pay for any offer from the list, but each offer(img) has its own link which can redirect member to any page of your site where member can by it (For example, store product).


About position: It locates under promo area of the home page.

About expire date: In default configuration there is no expire date, but we will add it to the next version.

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Quote · 13 Dec 2013


We have just updated version, now the latest 1.0.1.

Image link was fixed.


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Quote · 13 Dec 2013



Module was updated for Dolphin 7.2 version

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