Splash Code Corrupted

I'm helping a member with problems with his 7.4.2 installation.

Most things seem to be working okay, but the Splash screen code is being corrupted:


<div class=\"bx-splash bx-def-round-corners\" style=\"background-image: url(\'templates/base/images/bx_splash_image.jpg\');\">\r\n<div class=\"bx-splash-txt\">\r\n<div class=\"bx-splash-txt-cnt\">\r\n<div class=\"bx-splash-txt-l1 bx-def-padding-sec-leftright\">\r\n<h1 class=\"bx-cd-headline zoom\"><span class=\"bx-cd-words-wrapper\"><strong class=\"bx-cd-word is-visible\">Be The Gift You Bring!</strong><strong class=\"bx-cd-word\">Be The Gift You Bring!</strong><strong class=\"bx-cd-word\">Be The Gift You Bring!</strong></span></h1>\r\n</div>\r\n<div class=\"bx-splash-actions\"><button class=\"bx-btn bx-btn-primary bx-btn-sa-join\">Join</button><button class=\"bx-btn bx-def-margin-left bx-btn-sa-login\">Login</button></div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>


I replaced the admin/base directories but that didn't help.

Any suggestions.

Quote · 31 May 2019

Looks like a PHP issue to me.  I would suggest checking PHP settings and make sure the necessary bits and pieces are there.  The splash code is just html; which you can check in the basic settings.  However, the output is generated by php.  What makes me think php is the slashes as if it is trying to escape as well as the \r\n which is return and new line.

Are you sure they didn't do something in the basic settings of the splash block?  Check the code there as well to see if they tried to do something they shouldn't.

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Quote · 1 Jun 2019

Thanks Geek_Girl. I replaced the HTML directly form the Boonex demo and it changes immediately I press the Save button. I'll check his PHP credentials and insert an error  checker to see if that offers any clues.

I just checked Host Tools in Admin and there are several "Fails". I think I need to sort them out first.


Quote · 1 Jun 2019

I forget exactly where the splash code is; do a search in files for splash and you should find it.

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