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Quote · 25 Apr 2011

If I think what this is then here is my suggestion for a module that really should be a part of Dolphin;

For those that set up their site for admin to approve everything or some functions, there should be the ability for the software to inform the admin that an item needs attention or approval.

For instance; if Video upload needs Admin approval, then once a member tries a video upload, the admin should be notified immediately via email (this email is set in the admin section). This helps avoid the admin from periodically visiting the backend and checking each and every module for approval items.

There is a module which at least places ALL the approval require items to show in one place on the Admin Home page, but if the developer could go one step further and generate an email to the admin that would be fantastic.

Quote · 25 Apr 2011

Commonly, dolphin already giving that functionality - it have 'contact us' form. I just made another presentation of similar process.

About your suggestion - yes, it looks fine too, it can make work of website support more easy. But I suggest to do it not every time when new content adding to website, but once per day as example. Recently I noticed with few customers who told that they was warned just because its software (dolphin) sending very many emails. And hosting company even forcing them to change hosting plan. So, many emails is not good too.

Quote · 26 Apr 2011

Today was able to update this module, here are new delicious:

* new popup mechanism
* new sexy captcha integrated
* new design

Quote · 29 Apr 2011

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

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