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Quote · 29 Apr 2013

cannot adjust columns or page sizes in page builders right ... the pages seem stuck to one size etc. -- BIGGEST Range of Dedicated Servers at the Lowest Price!
Quote · 12 Nov 2013

another issue is the html blocks options like 'H1, H3, etc etc do not work ... everything is stuck to  one style -- BIGGEST Range of Dedicated Servers at the Lowest Price!
Quote · 14 Nov 2013

we have fixed the html block issues and column issues in palcom template.

Quote · 18 Nov 2013

I had a chance today to test out this template design, and I must say- I'm quite impressed!

It responds nicely to different screen sizes and resolutions- Good work!

I think it's a sharp template as is, but just for fun, I customized it to be a dark/black design with dark/glass looking (transparent) design boxes (blocks) and set a concert/party and big city background, and some other changes like font colors (more white to match/offset for dark design) and it looks absolutely exquisite! The design is very easy to customize!

Absolutely great work you did on this design.

I also like that profiles can be customized easily by the member without issue ;)

Can't say enough good stuff about this design, and the fact that you offer it free to community!


Here's a screen-shot of member profile page...


PalCom-DEMO.png · 1.2M · 776 views
Quote · 29 Dec 2013

I also am impressed with it. I have tested on about every size screen you can too. Even with three coloums looks good. looks good on my gallaxy too

Quote · 3 Jan 2014

I tried bold, underline and italics in forum.

Only underline seems to work.

I have the latest Palcom in Dolphin 7.1.4

Quote · 15 Apr 2014

I have a problem with the date field not being displayed properly on the join form.

Anybody else?

See the attachments.


dateofbirthfieldmissing2.jpg · 44K · 299 views
dateofbirthfieldmissing.jpg · 55.7K · 295 views
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Quote · 2 Jan 2015

I checked real quick, and is working for me.

Quote · 2 Jan 2015

I tried this to see if it is totally fully responsive but i get such a layout (see the attachment)

(same problem with nightclub template)

what do i do wrong??

template.png · 212K · 265 views
Quote · 30 Sep 2015

Will this template be updated to work with 7.2?

Quote · 3 Oct 2015
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