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AndrewP "Timeline for Groups & Pages" support thread is here.

Quote · 4 Feb 2013

Receive "Page not Found" message when using  "Timeline" link on Timeline for Pages menu  while there are a number of posts on page timeline itself

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Quote · 8 Feb 2013

Why? What is your url to this page (timeline for page)?

it should be like m/pwall/index/{page_uri}

Quote · 9 Feb 2013

I did not see a listing in the description for when someone posts a topic or reply to the group forum, is that possible?

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Quote · 23 Feb 2013

In forum? hmm, I think that yes, this is possible. I need to check if this forum calls own system alerts. If it does - we can use it to display new forum threads and answers.

Quote · 25 Feb 2013

Andrew, Have the same problem with page not found.

/m/gwall/index/"name of group"

Page not found

I only tested it with one post. I am having no luck today. lol

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Quote · 18 Jun 2013

Itsawhiz, this url (/m/gwall/index/GroupUri) should work. I recommend you to upload all the source files in binary mode (which is safe for sources)

Quote · 24 Jun 2013

Andrew fixed this issue. It was occurring only when the group was a private group. So Andrews latest update should have the fix.

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Quote · 20 Jul 2013

I don't use Timeline for groups, but I did install 'Timeline for Pages'

It's a great addition to either module, but Group/Page timeline photos aren't handled in a sensible way.  Timeline photos are dumped into the users other Timeline album which is external to the Group or Page in which the photos were posted.

The right way to handle Group or Page Timeline photos, is to first make posting of photos to the Group/Page timeline dependent on your 'Photo albums for Groups/Pages' module being installed.... if people gripe about this... tough... it's the right thing to do.  When the first photo is posted to the Group/Page timeline, a 'Timeline Photos' album should be created in the Photo albums for Groups/Pages, and the photo should be placed there... as well as all subsequent photos posted to the Groups/Pages timeline.  Not only is this good housekeeping, it will make it much easier to browse timeline photos, and that will better serve to keep the user engaged.


P.S.  Photo uploads to the group/page photo albums should appear on the group/page timeline. Then we may as well see ALL Group/Page activity on the timeline.... forum posts, news posts, scheduler posts.... everything.

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Quote · 16 Feb 2014

Just bought this mod. 


I uploaded to a group, "Help and how to" which is a dedicated group on using the website along with tutorial videos. However, in the timeline, I click on 'Add video'. It ended up in the videos module and nothing shows up on the group timeline about the uploaded video. So I upload video using add video under Actions block. It is added to a group block. Nothing shows up in timeline about it. Tried a workaround, embed a video from my site to timeline, no success. 


This absolutely defeats the purpose and intentions of using the timeline. I don't think this was worth 40 bucks when timeline was just cloned and added a few lines of codes. Lazy coding is what I perceive it to be. 


I am still trying to find a way to make it useful. Awaiting your reply, andrewP before I write a review about it. 


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Quote · 24 Feb 2014

Hi Guynuked,

Make sure that you installed the module properly. Didn't you forget to make the necessary changes to the files mentioned in the installation manual?

Quote · 26 Feb 2014

install module properly?? How more proper can I get? Installed gwall under /modules/andrew/ and the install module in admin. Works great. 


Edited /modules/boonex/classes/BxWallResponse.php and looks like: 

function response($oAlert)


$bFromGPWall = (!empty($oAlert->aExtras) && ((int)$oAlert->aExtras['from_gwall'] == 1 || (int)$oAlert->aExtras['from_pwall'] == 1));

        if ($bFromGPWall) {




        $bFromWall = !empty($oAlert->aExtras) && (int)$oAlert->aExtras['from_wall'] == 1;

        if(is_array($oAlert->aExtras) && isset($oAlert->aExtras['privacy_view']) && $oAlert->aExtras['privacy_view'] == BX_DOL_PG_HIDDEN)



That look right, yeah? 


Maybe you misunderstood me, There is 2 ways to upload videos: 

1. On top of 'Post to timeline' block. There is Add Photos, Add Videos, etc. 

I add video, it goes to videos module and does not show in timeline that I uploaded video. 


2. Under Actions block, there is Add Video button. 

I add video, it show up in video block of group. No activity show in timeline. 


Just like houstonlively say above about photos. It looks like it's uploading photos or videos TO timeline (in its own directory preferred). It would have been worth the $40! 


For now, I should remove the Add photo, add videos link buttons from top of timeline. How may I do that? 

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Quote · 26 Feb 2014

I sincerely apologize for my late reply, - haven't noticed this thread before.

Here is how the Timeline for Groups works (video demonstration)


Quote · 13 Apr 2014

att AndrewP I sent you a message in regards to timeline for groups and it does not work with 7.2.1. I sent you images of what happens it totally cripples evo template after posting, see images attached to private message.


Quote · 1 Dec 2015

I have a problem with the module.
If I load images always comes after a loading bar and this will not go away even
until the page Updated
See image


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Quote · 1 Mar 2016

Hello Andrew,


I would like that when users post something in a group timeline it shows on their own timeline.

I "uncommented" some code in the AGWallModule thinking it was the right solution but it does not work after re-installation.

Is there an easy way to do it ?


Thank you



Quote · 15 Sep 2017

Hi Andrew i have been trying to get a hold of you for days now to find out if this module works with Modzzz premium groups????

can you let  me know thanks

Quote · 2 Nov 2017

@AndrewP, I have been using your Group Timeline and I need to ask you for assistance. Behaivor is not as expected for Private Groups:

* When I post a photo on the Group Timeline, this module creates a photo album on user's profile with public access. This means that everybody will see the post on Home page. For private groups this implementation is not good because the reason of the private group is to keep all that way.

I need to know if you have seen this issue and if you have a solution. I really need your help to fix it.

Thank you.

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