Timeline on Home page and Post to Timeline

I have spent two days search the forums with no clear solution.


After installing a new module and through communication with the developer, I learned that I had no 'Cron Job' established at time of install. This may have been the issue why the Custom RSS module never worked & I ended up finding out after I purchased a different RSS module. I want RSS on my Home Page so I placed it there using Page Builder. At first I put it in the center column. When I did this the Timeline quit updating and then posting anything. The 'Load More' button is there but nothing happens when used. So I moved the RSS module to the left column and expanded the size of the column a bit. *** Still Nothing with the timeline! and now, none of the users can add 'text' posts.


I have gone through every module setting, every advanced setting and every privacy setting which I did not change anything from before. I have spent time going through php files and cannot even find where the timeline is in the code. I did check the timeline block on the home page in page builder and it is _wall_pc_view_index_tl  

        I have no idea what has gone haywire.

Also I noticed in the timeline module setting stuff in the Hide Uploaders from Post to Timeline ... I have no clue how to edit any of the settings. I am attaching a screen capture that someone might be able to help me with getting this fixed.

Any ideas?



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Hello Tom!


Please provide me admin access of your Dolphin first via Private messenger. Will review what can be wrong.

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First - did you ever get your cron setup?


Second - remove the block with your custom RSS and make sure timeline works like it should. If it does, then there is something with your RSS coding.

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Greetings Professor,

Yes I did get the Cron Job set up and there was no change when removing the block. The ability to post text to the timeline is gone and no members timeline shows on the home page.


Thank you for your pointer and asking.

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