TonyScala - Another one to avoid

Bought Splash Page Pro mod months ago.  Installed but not compatible with my site as it was installed in a sub domain (surely not unheard of?) 


Tony took my money and promised to change the code.  That was over three months ago. No reply to email after email yet he has time to update his profile pic.


It worries me that mod developers are no longer interested in Dolphin. With Dolphin at the end of its life and UNO not having all the mods of Dolphin where do we go?  I've started to look at other solutions out there.

Steve E
Quote · 17 Oct 2017

First of all, there is a dispute method in place which should be done first.

Secondly, Dolphin Pro is not at end of life; it is in active development and in fact, there is work done on a whole new release, Dolphin Pro 10 (LEAP).

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Quote · 17 Oct 2017

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the market. Can you please send an email to This will be looked into from there by somebody on the BoonEx team. Please include the full details (including market link) and copies of messages to/from the vendor.

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