README! DO NOT POST IN THIS FORUMNathan Paton started 6 Mar 2016 · Nathan Paton replied 6 Mar 2016tl:dr: Do not make a thread here. It will be removed. Please open a chat or email team@boonex.com with the details, a...
How to submit a Copyright Infringement complaint?AlexT started 4 Jun 2013 · AlexT replied 4 Jun 2013First, try to resolve the problem by direct contact with vendor/client in polite manner,
Them bought but not shown in Shopping logMartintpm started 7 Nov 2019 · Martintpm replied 13 Nov 2019
Unapdated mods - is death to our sites.vavilon started 11 May 2018 · AlexT replied 30 May 2018Hi, guys. What we have to do with developers, who put their products on market and after some time stops to make updat...
Modules useless with appsnapped started 30 Oct 2017 · modzzz replied 30 Oct 2017Why is it you let people get away with selling modules that are useless without having to pay for someone else's web-app, not...
TonyScala - Another one to avoidserskine started 17 Oct 2017 · Nathan Paton replied 18 Oct 2017Bought Splash Page Pro mod months ago.  Installed but not compatible with my site as it was installed in a sub domain (surely...
What a rip off - Scriptologist.NO118 started 9 Sep 2016 · buensumiso replied 13 Oct 2017I bought a app from Scriptologist back in 2012.  Since then it never worked properly and the updates was always late. ...
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