Them bought but not shown in Shopping log

3 days ago i bought a theme from

dolphin-design-theme the marketplace for Dolphin 7.4.2 

I have paid via paypal and the money is there. But i cant see the theme in Shopping Log History

I wrote to the theme designer AND to Dolphin support - but ölike always - i did not get answer.

What can i do to download the theme?

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What can i do to download the theme?


There is nothing you can do to download it. The transaction information passed between paypal and boonex after the purchase was made must have not completed properly.

The only way you will see a download button for it now is if the developer manually processes the transaction so the purchase will show up.

You have two options at this time.

1) Contact the developer again.

2) Issue charge back through paypal to get your money back.

If the developer does not respond, don't wait to long. You only have a certain amount of time to issue charge backs through paypal. I would not wait any longer than 1-2 weeks.
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I may be wrong but i don't think the developer dolphin-design-theme is active here anymore.
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Yeah. I have made a case via paypal ....

But in think boonex should ban people from market place if they are not longer active.

Thank you very much for your answer!!


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@Marintpm, before you make further purchases send a message to the developer. If you do not receive a response then do not purchase. That is the only way of verifying who is still active. Some developers have moved on to other platforms but leave their modules active in the marketplace. I am not sure why they do that.

Paypal email is -
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Thx. Next time i will be warned. 

I have luck. Developer now reacted to the open case.


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