Total novice

Just downloaded and for the life of me cannot figure out how and where to open the program. Already took care of the license issue. At least I found that. I would think there should be a thumbnail somewhere I can click on and start creating and publishing.

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exactly what are you looking for. if you got the application installed and loaded, then you can start in your admin section,

here you will provide the parameters you established during the installation script.

now where you go from here is totally up to you. there are no manuals, mostly the forum here and mrpowless has some tutorials with some good stuff. i forgot his website though. you can look that up.

well hope that put you at a starting point?



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You said you've handled the licenses, so then you have accessed the Admin panel, right?  If so, start building using


1) Admin basic settings

2) Admin advanced settings

3) Builders

4) Everything else

5) Edit CSSs

6) tweak, tweak

7) continously improve

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Now you have me really confused. This program is supposed to give me a Community Website Builder that I can build my own site from. Why would I want to, or could I download it to my site? I wouldn't do so until I was ready to go live from the site I built from this product.


This isn't rocket science. I have downloaded a product called Dolphin to allow me to build a community website. I should be able to go somewhere on my computer and open the program and start tailoring it to my needs. If there is no "easy" way, then there at least should be an .exe file somewhere to allow me to open the program. C'mon, it has to be easier than this.

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This isn't a "community website builder".. it IS a community website. It's a "site in a box" or "cookie cutter site". It is also a "web based application" so unless you have PHP, Mysql and lots of other things running on your home computer you aren't going to be able to run it there. You should open the zip file and ftp the files to your webserver.. the type the url and the install program will lauch..

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Do you have the Install Documentation?



If you can't figure out how to install it easily, you are in for a wild ride Laughing


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