Uploading music to 6.1.1

I'm new to this whole thing but I've just installed Dolphin 6.1.1 and I've entered my various (free) licenses for Boonex, Ray and Orca. I've tried uploading music and it seems as though the attempt is successful because I can click on the link and play the track, but when I re-visit the site the music has gone. Would this be a copyright infringement problem do you think or is this a standard glitch? Thanks

Quote · 11 Jun 2008

have you authorized it in the admin panel.  When you log on there is a section that states awaiting action, you will need to click on the music and authorize it for use.

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Leave your site url, we can check

seems that you must just configure your server to upload big files, or something else

Quote · 13 Jun 2008

Thanks squeak, I'm one step closer now, but when I go into admin/music I'm offered three choices - I can tick a box, I can delete the file or I can amend the status. When I try to amend the status it puts a red box around the window but nothing else. There isn't a button to 'approve' the music.

Andrey, my site name is oztaboo.com

It contains adult content! I haven't had a chance yet to see if there's any hardcore stuff which I don't really want but just be aware there could be all sorts of images on the site.

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