Verified (Members I Met) Mod Support (Modzzz)

This is the support forum for the Verified - Members I Met mod.

Members can request other members to confirm on the site that they have actually met. 

Administrator has the option to allow members to be flagged as Verified depending on how many members have confirmed that they have met.

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Quote · 5 Aug 2016

Database error when a member uses an apostrophe ' in the "Location where we met" box. 


A database error is triggered when a member uses an apostrophe causing the action to not log into the database.  This may be caused because the ' was not escaped.  The following error is produced:



INSERT INTO `modzzz_handshake_main` SET `member_id` = '11', `handshake_id` = '3', `meeting_date` = '1142150400',  `location` = 'I've met with him before and here. ', `code`='EP78BDORXW2441CR', `created` = 1486930340, `updated`=1486930340, `status`='pending'

Mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 've met with him before and here. ', `code`='EP78BDORXW2441CR', `created` = 14869' at line 1

Found error in the file '/home/hypnosis/public_html/modules/modzzz/handshake/classes/BxHandshakeDb.php' at line 101.
Called 'query' function with erroneous argument #0.

Debug backtrace:

    [1] => Array
            [file] => /home/[REDACTED]/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php
            [line] => 246
            [function] => error
            [class] => BxDolDb
            [object] => BxHandshakeDb Object
                    [_oConfig] => BxHandshakeConfig Object
                            [_sSealPath] => /home/[REDACTED]/public_html/modules/modzzz/handshake/media/images/
                            [_sSealUrl] => https://[REDACTED]/modules/modzzz/handshake/media/images/
                            [_iId] => 34
                            [_sVendor] => Modzzz
                            [_sClassPrefix] => BxHandshake
                            [_sDbPrefix] => modzzz_handshake_
                            [_sDirectory] => modzzz/handshake/
Quote · 12 Feb 2017

The verified image is a broken img. The Un-verified img works however. The script calls for verified.png however the filename is verified.jpg

Quote · 14 Feb 2017

Forgot to mention it was an easy fix just converted the jpg to png but you might want to update your script. 

Quote · 14 Feb 2017

@msithero, I saw that issue as well.  It seems that for my issue, the input box does not like having an apostrophe.  Not sure how to correct on my end.  Modzz is going to have to come up with a solution.

Quote · 14 Feb 2017

Issues reported in previous posts above has been resolved. Please download the mod again and re-upload files to your server.

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Quote · 14 Feb 2017

Thanks!  Working great now!  Appreciate the fix!

Quote · 15 Feb 2017

I want to limit the number of times a user can perform the check member action.

But it does not work. Could it be arranged?

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Quote · 23 Feb 2017

@buensumiso - I will need to do an update of the mod for the actions to be used.

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Quote · 25 Feb 2017

Patch 2.0.1 Released. (See patches/version_2.0.1 folder in zip file)

Update made to allow membership action.

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Quote · 26 Feb 2017
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