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good day, I am looking at options for video conferencing suite. I was reading some stuff about the Free video conferencing boonex market app. I noticed that it would require another server RTMP Flash Media Server. Is it possible to use a PBX in a flash Astrix's server as the secondary server?

Is there any easy cheap ways to go about video conferencing? I have my PBIF 

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The default Flash apps should already be able to do this. Chat allows multi-user video/audio sessions, and Messenger allows one-on-one. You do need RMS, but Rayz has P2P versions in the market.

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. Is it possible to use a PBX in a flash Astrix's server as the secondary server?

PBX in a flash is for setting up a private branch telephone exchange.  The flash part means that you can do it quickly.

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Oh that videowhisper if you use it your also looking at additional monthly cost.

Just get a rms server and use the existing chat that comes with dolphin.

You can do audio/video chat ,create rooms , make them public or private, etc....
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Issue with default a/v chat room - You can only enlarge one video at a time (I can, anyway) - so if there are 10 people you want to watch, 1 can be resized, and 9 are too small to see with no option to move them out of the docking area and resize them.  


Looking for better options as well.

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Audio/Video from AndrewP is a good solution..  

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That's for 1 to 1.  I'm trying to ask Andrew some questions about the group version, but this forum doesn't make it easy if you haven't already bought the thing.


I feel like group cam room is kind of a big deal with adequate host options like profanity filters, etc - and the thing everyone on my site wants an improvement on, but is kind of the hardest to find.


I tried cometchat - way too expensive - they wanted to charge ne 50 a month to run it on dolphin, and it didn't work on Safari - so half my users bitched about that.


I have - but that has limited host controls, and people can share the link with non-members who can join, spam, etc - 


I've done exhaustive searched on here - and FreiChat doesn't work with dolphin, apparently. Waiting to hear back from Whispervideo, but that seems to be still more flash and is questionable how well integrates with Dolphin (member levels, etc)


Oovoo has a developer SDK that is WebRTC and can do cross platform to work with mobile ios and android - but that sort of coding is way beyond me. 


Anyone who comes up with a modern cam/audio conference room with good quality, low server strain, and adequate admin options is gonna make a killing. This seems to have been an issue for years.

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This seems to have been an issue for years.

 Has been since 2010, that is when I started using Dolphin. The chat system has NEVER improved, they say that will be different in 7.3, who has another five years or so to wait for that.

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Here's what I've found so far- seems useful to share info since this is actually a 2015 thread. Here's what I've found by doing searches on the forums and around the net. I'm sure it's not exhaustive.


1. CometChat -  Wanted to charge me $50 a month to have something that worked with Dolphin, tho this isn't anywhere advertised on their site.  Users found it difficult to use, and does not work on mobile or Safari (WebRTC). I tried for a month, and got rid of it.

2. FreiChat - Clearly advertises video chat on their site, but I got an email saying "FreiChat does not support video conferencing" - so whatever that means. Next.

3. Oovoo - They have software, but also offer SDK for something that works with WebRTC AND cross platform so also on IOS and Android.  Looks promising - but says on the site - easy set up - but it's way beyond me. I emailed them looking for Freeelancers to build what I need- will see if they respond. But WebRTC + Cross Platform + Relatively modern looking = fingers crossed. 

4. VideoWhisper - The pricing looks way confusing on the site. Branding all over everything could be a deal breaker, but if they can set up something useful, I'd try it out.  Emailed questions - waiting to hear back.

5. Andrew's a/v/ group chat - I don't need it to work IN groups - I need it to be the conference room replacement.  I've tried to ask questions to him on the forums, but it's not easy to contact people you haven't bought something from or to ask about support if you haven't bought the thing.  We'll see if my questions ever get to him before I drop $90 bucks.  It's WebRTC, so the quality of video looks good, but the conference room itself is not at all slick, and I have no clue if there are any admin things anyone would find useful. Sometimes the boonex forums work against people needing/wanting to share info.

6. Rayz RMS Free Chat - Great - it's not RMS - but isn't this the same guy who built the outdated regular dolphin chat?  I mean, I'd give it a try, I guess, but no clue what users with slow internet will experience.  And it's not RMS, so is it WebRTC? Can you resize the video images? What's the sound quality?  One large image and the rest small (like the standard chat) is not adequate.

7. 123FlashChat - I mean - do we want more flash? Isn't it in its death throes? I'm skipping even researching this one, though it's been mentione don the forums elsewhere.

8. Various programs like, Bistri, Unseen, Talky - You can host a conference, but it doesn't really fit in with Dolphin at all, and they all have links so if you want it to be members only, someone could just send out the link to join the conference and give out the password, etc.  Minimal admin options.  Screensharing is fine, file sending is fine - but people aren't trading porn and mp3's like it's 1995. 


We need a modern, slick, video conferencing and 1 to 1 cam/audio that works on all browsers and mobile that a site admin has some control over- profanity filters, users can change size and drag image around where they need to, not a huge server strain, decent video quality- etc. 


If I find anything useful, I'll share it here, but jeeze.  Who knew?! 

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Just don't expect any video chat system to ever run in a browser on an Apple device.  Apple is never, ever going to allow that capability.  Apple always has some public reason for not supporting something, but the real reason is, they don't want anything running on their devices that they didn't put there, and that includes anything that runs in the browser.   Apple will probably take the stand that they support webrtc already and that supporting it in the browser would be irrelevant... or something like that.   I'd bet any amount of money that Apples mobile devices will never have the capability of running webrtc in  the browser..... only in native apps.  To Apple, it would be too much like allowing flash to run on ios, for which they gave a bunch of bullshit reasons for not supporting... the real one being that it was someone else's system that they couldn't make a buck off of in their itunes store. 


It's all about money and control with Apple.  Apple has their little 'Face time' thing, and They are not about to allow some video chat platform run on their devices... what a blow to their egos that would be, To them, it would be giving up control in a big way..  It's for the same reasons, you'll never find a usb port on an ipad.  Apple will tell you that it's because of a power issue, but I know the real reason is because it opens the door for for doing things with an ipad that are beyond Apple's control, and they don't like that.

I could be wrong about this, but the only way Dolphin will ever have a cross platform video chat system, is via mobile apps.  You'll never see it in the browser on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

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This isn't about Apple, this is about Boonex Dolphin having a modern video conference room.  Apple users can use Chrome if they want something else.  

And again - Oovoo's SDK offers cross platform capability - so it's possible. 


This Chat from 1996 is for the birds.

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Oovoo's SDK offers cross platform capability - so it's possible. 

 Yes it does!

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Apple users can use Chrome if they want something else. 

 It's not quite that simple. Chrome on an Apple device isn't going to have more rendering capabilities than Safari.


|   And again - Oovoo's SDK offers cross platform capability - so it's possible.


Sure it is.... just not the by the same method.  Webrtc will run in browsers except any browser on an Apple device.  Webrtc on an Apple device will have to use a native app.... that make it entirely about Apple, because anything you develop, you have to develop all over again to run on ios as a native app. 




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Info from VideoWhisper - I'm doing dedicated server from Zarconia - won't I be able to skip some of this?  And they're saying the P2P version won't work for most users because they're trying to sell Hosting, yes?


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You can take a look at this application: 
App allows most features you inquire about, that can be configured with parameters documented at .

Dolphin modules to start from are available:
You can download to test with your Dolphin version and see if any updates are required. You can also install PHP edition in a folder on your site and integrate as you wish. 

A regular license will remove all limitations and intrusive ads from the flash application when run from licensed domain. Can be rented for $25/mo or purchased for $250/lifetime. 

This software has special requirements (for the video streaming and live interaction part, regular shared web hosting is not enough): 

Options for the required rtmp hosting: 

You can use our rtmp hosting plans for everything (web+rtmp) or in combination with your other web hosting (install application on your site and configure it to use rtmp address from a plan you have with us).  
If you need to use archiving/recording or need mobile delivery, we recommend Wowza and using same server for web and rtmp (so rtmp videos are accessible by web scripts). 

Considering running such website usually requires a dedicated server and Wowza license alone is $65/month, we provide very affordable plans for our clients that start from $50/month and include all hosting requirements (web + rtmp) :
Our plans are optimised for streaming, on 1000Mbps connection and managed by our administrators that setup and keep services running at optimum performance.

P2P can be optionally used for plain streaming (RTMP is still required for interactions) but we don't recommend P2P as that does not work for most users with regular connections, unless in same network or with public IP and server grade connection.

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More from VideoWhisper:

These solutions are production ready and use Flash applications not WebRTC which is not a fully functional technology t/ .
A  supported RTMP server is always required.  P2P can only be used in addition to that but as explained previously it's not reliable (most users can't stream or get huge latency due to ISP restrictions). 

You can try and edit install/config.php so it installs and see if that version works.
'compatible_with' => array( // module compatibility

Our staff can do this for you if you get a license (includes installation) or installation service. Compatible hosting is required to install and run apps. 

As listed on page mentioned above this includes regular expressing chat filtering: &filterRegex=<?=$filterRegex?>&filterReplace=<?=$filter Replace?> Filter bad words (regular expression and replacement)

Applications only manage live sessions (and admins can kick users which are automatically banned for some time on Wowza rtmp server). User management, filtering and banning can be done from your user management system (Dolphin).

So for 25 bucks a month, and my dedicated hosting thru Zarconia (thanks a BUNCH to those guys - wow!) - This may be okay for now.

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Slow slow tech support and install, and the install they installed wasn't working entirely, so the awesome dudes at Zarconia had to uninstall.  Will let you all know how it progresses. 

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Gave up on VideoWhisper when they just stopped answering open tickets for sales and tech support.  

Going with AVChat -


And so far so good.  

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video conferencing applications become more specialized, a large number of distinctive productive and socializing features are being added to differentiate apps, especially by businesses. For those businesses poised to develop the next level of customer engagement with their video-conferencing app, the following discussion is a value addition.

Developing a video conferencing application framework for your business is very similar to that of any other application you would make for AppStore or Google Play.

The core technology is to deploy Publisher-subscriber exchange wherein WebRTC protocol is used to involve Voice Over Internet protocol technologies such as Signaling, TURN servers, and STUN creating P2P connection.

Build best-fit communication tool for your company with these popular video-conferencing APIs that customize video-conferencing, live broadcasting, screen sharing, push notifications

  1. MirrorFly
  2. PubNub
  4. Twilio
  5. Cometchat
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