Wall post/timeline likes not working

Ever since upgrading to 7.3.5, the "like" feature for the wall/timeline is not working properly.  If a wall item was created BEFORE the upgrade, then the like feature works properly - each user is able to click the like button and it ticks up.  However, for wall items created AFTER the upgrade, only one "like" is ever registered.  Any likes after the first like are never registered.


Any ideas what could be the issue?  Thanks!


Quote · 9 Apr 2018

Hello charles267!


Please specify first:

1) did you meet any errors / troubles during the upgrade?

2) do you have any customizations with wall or core files?


If both answers are "No" then please provide me via PM Control Panel access of your server with Dolphin site.


With the best regards, Leonid

Quote · 9 Apr 2018

Hi there.


It seems to be a problem with Cloudflare and the IP addresses hitting the server all appearing to be identical.  I believe that the like system prevents the same person from placing more than one like; however, is it right that this is based on the IP address?  Thanks!

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