Want to say hello to all of you guys!

Hello guys,


Good morning! How is everyone doing here? I'm a newbie and I want to say hello to all.


Thank you so much!

Quote · 13 May 2020

Hi Alex and welcome aboard. Things are pretty quiet around here at present because Boonex is concentrating on a different product and a lot of our members have moved on. The small core of people still here are very devoted to Dolphin, a bit like "Ford" owners I guess.

Dolphin can be a difficult script to get the most of, but we'll help when we can.  May I give you one piece of advice which has proven so useful for me in the past? This forum is full of useful stuff and the chances are, your questions have been answered already. As with most forums, the search facilities are good but limited. My recommendation is to use Google to search the forum because its flexible search algorithms give far better results - consistently.

To get those results, you must follow these rules:

Think of your question as i someone is asking you: "How do I replace the background image in Dolphin?" Excuse me, the background image of what?" If you can't answer your own question, how can you expect Google or the people in this forum to do it for you? Also, "Dolphin is a very common word and Google will be very confused by such a request. Just try doing a search to prove my point.

So you question should be "Replace background image evo boonex." You can drop all the fancy words, but Boonex is absolutely essential. Google will now search for the question as it relates to Boonex only, but it will also search for other conversations outside the forum that relate to your search. Once again try it and you'll probably never want to use the Forum search again.

Good luck. Dolphin is an amazing product with thousands of variations. If you want to start a working site immediately, you could run into trouble. Take your time to learn the product and it will allow you to create a fantastic site. Sadly, documentation is thin. Hopefully past forum posts and current members can help you there.

Good luck

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Thank you so much buddy. And also thanks for sharing the tips. :)

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John is spot on there.  Sometimes it helps to use quotation marks as Dolphin is used for several products including a browser I believe.  So searching for change template background "boonex dolphin" can help as well.

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