What is that? cgi-mailer@kundenserver.de

For a few days i get some strange emails. They are sent in this html code and from  



Does anyone have an idea about this?




                    <div style="border:2px solid red;padding:10px;width:90%;margin:0px auto;">

                <h2 style="margin-top: 0px;">An uncaught exception was thrown</h2>


                <table style="table-layout: fixed;">


                        <td style="font-weight: bold;">Type</td>




                        <td style="font-weight: bold;">Message</td>

                        <td>SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'Date' in 'field list'</td>



                        <td style="font-weight: bold;">File</td>




                        <td style="font-weight: bold;">Line</td>






                    #0 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(169): PDO->query('SELECT `id`, `u...')<br />

#1 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(212): BxDolDb->res('SELECT `id`, `u...', Array)<br />

#2 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMapsQuery.php(40): BxDolDb->getAll('SELECT `id`, `u...')<br />

#3 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(289): BxDolSiteMapsQuery->getRecords(Array, 0, 20000)<br />

#4 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(185): BxDolSiteMaps->_getRecords(0)<br />

#5 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(109): BxDolSiteMaps->generate()<br />

#6 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/periodic/cron.php(120) : eval()'d code(2): BxDolSiteMaps::generateAllSiteMaps()<br />

#7 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/periodic/cron.php(120): eval()<br />

#8 /homepages/40/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/periodic/cron.php(133): runJob(Array)<br />

#9 {main}                </code>




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Hello mrtn!


It's necessary to see what query has generated this error. Seems it was hidden in that line PDO->query('SELECT `id`, `u...')

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kundenserver.de is 1and1 which is now IONOS; are you hosting with them?

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yes, so it is mail from them .... but why?

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It isn't from them per se.  It is an error report and it is coming from the server to you reporting that

"An uncaught exception was thrown" with the error: "SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'Date' in 'field list'"

So you are getting a database error report from your Dolphin site.  Sort of hard to read in that html; emails should have never supported html; it is one reason that viruses have traveled around the net so easily.

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The error has something to do with the generating of the sitemap


An uncaught exception was thrown



MessageSQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'Date' in 'field list'




#0 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(169): PDO->query('SELECT `id`, `u...')

#1 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(212): BxDolDb->res('SELECT `id`, `u...', Array)

#2 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMapsQuery.php(40): BxDolDb->getAll('SELECT `id`, `u...')

#3 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(289): BxDolSiteMapsQuery->getRecords(Array, 0, 20000)

#4 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(185): BxDolSiteMaps->_getRecords(0)

#5 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/inc/classes/BxDolSiteMaps.php(109): BxDolSiteMaps->generate()

#6 /homepages/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/administration/sitemap.php(63): BxDolSiteMaps::generateAllSiteMaps()

#7 {main}



When i click "submit" in the TOOLS section, SITEMAP.


Then the error is shown.

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Unknown column 'Date' in 'field list'

Yes, what it is saying is that there should be a column in the database table with the heading "Date" and that column is missing.  Why is it missing is the question.  You can try reinstalling the module.

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I am too clumsy. Which module? As far as i know (and that is not much) sitemap is an internal function of boonex and not a module i can install or uninstall, am i wrong?

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You are correct; site map is in tools.  OK, the date column is not in the site maps table.  It must be about something else.


Here is the sql for the site maps table from the install sql file:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `sys_objects_site_maps` (
  `object` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  `title` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `priority` varchar(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.6',
  `changefreq` enum('always','hourly','daily','weekly','monthly','yearly','never','auto') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'auto',
  `class_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `class_file` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `order` tinyint(4) NOT NULL,
  `active` tinyint(4) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `object` (`object`)

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