hey guys, testing a custom script i had made where a member needs to upload a files before joining the site.

on testing it, which i now seriously started testing the dolphin with my own servers. that, first off.


does dolphin database only stores configuration and not uploaded things?


the load of a website, is all on a web server and a small database is needed for configuration?


do each modules holds it's own data, uploaded things in it's own folder?


all my thoughts for minimal reply..  lol

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Quote · 30 Jan 2021

Videos are uploaded to the /flash/modules/video/files directory.  Other content is stored in the module's directory.

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Quote · 1 Feb 2021

hey geek_girl,

       thanks so much, this were a big help. couple years now i have be investing in filling a 42 u server rack with. poweredge server, 3- r910, 4- r610, 1- r810 and 4 powervault each holding 60 drives.


with this understand now my whole configuration change..


so most of my ram is need for the web server seeing it hold all the files or database :) ?


(one less research)

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Quote · 1 Feb 2021

It is possible to do load balancing with Dolphin; search the forums here for load balancing and you should see some hits.  You can have videos on a video server; it will mean some code rewrite.  You can have the database on a separate server; that just needs to be listed in the /inc/ file.  Have fun.

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