change top menu tabs


            Hi, I need to change the text on the top menu tabs ie: From "Ads" to "View ads" and "Sites" to "Explore sites"

I know it's somewhere in language settings but i don't want to touch anything until i know whether by changing them will mess up the page links.

Just need a pointer



It ain't easy being this stupid all of the time
Quote · 2 Dec 2017

1. Go to Admin/Builders/Navigation Menu

2. Click the name in the blue action button you wish to change

3. In the Edit Dialog, copy the Language Key: _bx_ads_Ads

4. Go to Settings/Language Key from the side menu.

5. Copy the key into the Filter box and hit apply. Several names may appear but you should be able to figure out which one to select. If you choose the wrong one, just go back and change it. In the case of Ads, I think it's the first one.

6. Click the Edit link to the right of the key name.

7 In the Key Window, change the name in the section String Text For English Language.

8 Click Save

You May Need To Clear The Cache.

Quote · 2 Dec 2017

Thanks JohnK42 it worked a treat.


It ain't easy being this stupid all of the time
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