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Hello All.


I have been meaning to upgrade my system for a while and have had help in the past but the communications stopped due to workload on my end plus the site is heavily customised and it scares me to think of the new build HA HA. i believe im still using 7.1.2


I recently experienced an PUT injection into the header which redirected visitors to a "hacked" page,  after reading the forums i located the injected code in the header splash and removed it and all was well.


Recently i have been seeing eval code files being injected into the /tmp/ folder which our server malware scanner has been removing when it detects them


However today i have been notified that the website is displaying a 500 error , i have checked the file permissions, the htaccess, and even ran through the logs and restored the files which i could see were attempted "tampered" but to no avail.

i have tailed the error log when visiting the site and im being met with this output:

[Wed Feb 01 10:15:07.429867 2017] [core:error] [pid 30388] [client] End of script output before headers: index.php


I have tried replacing the index.php file incase this was the issue but im still no further forward.

Can anyone please advise?




All for one and one for all....ah sod it who am i kidding!
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Send over the details and i'll see what i can do... - Skype: Dolphin Techs
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sent :)

All for one and one for all....ah sod it who am i kidding!
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