link to an external URL

I need to add link to an external URL(youtube) in dropdown navigation menu.

I just simplly added youtube URL


When I have clicked menu it says page can not find in dolphin site.



Becaseu url is just like below.


Is there any how to simply jump to youtube URL?

Is there anyone know how to likn to an external URL, please let me know.






Quote · 10 Mar 2019

The URL  you are using is wrong. It's trying to point to two sites. Try this:

Quote · 11 Mar 2019

Thank you for your reply.

Of corse, I have done same way but it is pointing to


 I have saved with


So I have no idea how to solve this problem.

Quote · 11 Mar 2019

I understand your problem.

Do as I've suggested, but make sure you tick the box that says New in the section 

Target Window: Same New

It should work.

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Hello srm!


As johnk42 told - if you set "Target window" as "New" and the link URL with "http" or "https" start then it would work.

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