menu bar sub menus HELP

dolphin 7.1.5


on the main page and every page is the main menu under the logo. top of the page.

it displayed all the menu items

but does not display sub menus (the drop down menu boxes)

is there any way to turn these back on??

to speed up menu selection abilities. thanks

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This is a problem with the EVO which is designed to work on PC's and mobile phones. It automatically adjusts to the screen size, so drop down menus become a bit too small for a persons fingers to use on a mobile. Thus the sub menus are placed in the sub-menu bar just under your profile photo. I find it confusing and Boonex is giving in to the yuppy twiddle box following. It can and should be done better.

There are third party menus out there that address this problem very well. If you can get it, the Nightclub Menu does a good job and it's free.

When I get time, I plan to combine the two on my site because I'm most unhappy with the current arrangement offered by EVO because it confuses PC owners.

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