mod match from modzzz version 2.0.5

hello modzzz,

I checked the match tables and found the following empty tables.

modzz match does not work because these tables are empty.

My question: why are these tables empty?

Table: modzzz_match_cron

Table: modzzz_match_matches


These tables also output these warnings.

  Warning: # 1287 'SHOW PROFILE' is out of date. Please use 'Performance Scheme'


since you unfortunately do not answer on Market, I try it here in the forum

Tabelle modzzz_match_cron.JPG · 88.9K · 89 views
Tabelle modzzz_match_matches.JPG · 87.3K · 111 views
Quote · 26 May 2020

Try emailing him. I understand he's very busy on other projects at present.

Quote · 26 May 2020

@Jonnaklasine - There is no record of you reporting this issue in the support forum for the module. It seems there is an issue with your database and the table will have to be repaired. I would need to login to your DB server to take a look. 

Paypal email is -
Quote · 27 May 2020

Thank you for your answer.

I had reinstalled the module three times.

always the same without success.

will get back to you

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