modify size of my pages


I have aedating 4.

when my hosting server has been upgraded , pages of my site has been more little and get only less space of screen  and deformed!!!

you can got a look here:

how can i adjust my pages to have a standard size ???

Quote · 25 May 2020

This is only a guess, but it's possible your new server is running a later version pf PHP which AEDating doesn't like. Please understand that the script is very old in computer terms and a lot has changed.

Even Dolphin 7.3 won't work with PHP 7.2 which most servers now use.

I suggest you talk with your Hosting service because they may have an older version of PHP available that you can use.

Quote · 26 May 2020

Thank you !

But is there an issue to modify some instructions  at aedating  source code to be adapted to php 7 ?

oe upgrade to new version of dolphin wich is compatible with latest php version ? 


Quote · 26 May 2020

I think it would be almost impossible to modify AEDating's source code to Dolphin 7. Boonex obtained the AEDating site many years ago and they've been modifying it ever since. The last change which was 7.3.5 (PHP 5.6) to 7.4.2 (PHP 7.2) was a major exercise. As far as we know, 7.4.2 will be the last update because Dolphin is also being made redundant. Boonex are concentrating on UNA, but from what I've read, there's no real update path from 7.2 to UNA. 

Deano is working on a 7.4.2 fork called Cheetah which should give the script a new lease of life, but going from AEDating to that would be very difficult, if not impossible.

I know nothing about your site, but maybe it would pay to start rebuilding it in Dolphin 7.4.2., or as I said, contact your hosting service.

Keep in mind that AEDating may not be very secure because of its age and advances in programming. You could be doing your members a big favour by updating. 

Quote · 26 May 2020

Thank you for advises ! 

I'll see if i can modify some codes ! 

If imposdible i'ill see i can migrate my databse to dolphin and install its last version. 

Quote · 27 May 2020

Anton offers an upgrade service, but I find he's not as fast as he used to be. His almost instant service is now taking weeks, but he's a good operator ans it's worth the wait.

Going by his ad in the Market, he charges a $15 evaluation fee which allows him to access your site to determine what work needs to be done and how much it will cost. He should be familiar with AEDating so he may have some automated processes in place that could make it an economical proposition.

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