my site stopped working with HTTPS://

Hi there,


I wanted my website to be changed from HTTP: // to HTTPS: // at TMD Hosting.


But after the changeover, my site stopped working.


here is the answer from TMD Hosting


"We would like to inform you that in this case, we have removed the force HTTPS redirect rule.


In case you would wish to have your website fully loading through HTTPs, we would recommend contacting a developer that would be able to assist you with the matter. "


Why can't my Dolphin page be switched to HTTPS?

Quote · 1 Feb 2020

You have to update your: inc/

In line 3 you will see:
$ site ['url'] = "";

change for:
$ site ['url'] = "";

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thanks .... i will try it out right now

Quote · 2 Feb 2020

Great, thanks ... it worked.

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You are welcome.
I am glad to hear
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