paymentcloud / for recurring mmbrshp

I did a search first, but didn't find anything helpful.  


I was using moonclerk and stripe for my recurring membership where my members with click join on my splash page, be taken to a form on moonclerk to sign up for their monthly membership, then be referred back to /join.php on my dolphin site to create their username, profile, etc. 


Stripe, however, booted me, because I have an adult site.  


So they referred me to who is going to set me up with - but my question is, how can I get this more streamlined for my signup process?  Having them put in their credit card info first REALLY cut down on my spammers. Is there a module or a form system akin to moonclerk that I can use? I'd love it tied into my membership statuses on dolphin, but that seems like a pipe dream.  I'd use paypal even, but that setup was beyond me.  I'm happy to pay someone to set this up, too.


I saw a module for ccbill by Igor, but he never responded.


Any help is appreciated.  My next dues are due Jan 1.

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