Hi, for a few weeks now i notice the permission and install instruction page

had been offline. Looking through an old drive i notice ii had a copy.


Can someone please confirm or add


chmod 777
















































chmod 666 






































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Quote · 17 Apr 2023

I recall reading somewhere that you're setting Dolphin up on a Windows server. As far as I'm aware, the Windows server doesn't use permissions.

Dolphin itself usually installs with all the correct permissions set except for "Inc" which needs to be changed during the "Linux" installation process or the install won't continue.

You just ignore it for Windows.

Finally, I see Flash mentioned. Flash doesn't exist any more so any module requiring Flash probably won't work. I'm not sure what modules are involved, but I think parts of the Video module could be.

Also keep in mind that if you're doing this setup for practice, as opposed to going live, a home server doesn't connect to the internet, thus many of the features of Dolphin won't work.

Quote · 17 Apr 2023

hi, yes you remembered correct. it were a while back, then i were testing on 5 windows server. manually configuring then with active directory, dns, iis and so on. it were a succeful and i ended up installing dolphin on it. when i were testing it at home it were a business connection with 5 static ip, installing modules with ease. connecting to the net inbound and out were a success, even sending out and receiving emails.


the windows server software do use permissions the thing is knowing wich ones. among many things that is a thing i'm testing but first im building a batch file for that.


my current living situation put servers on hold for a while so every build is internal for now.


also you mention about the flash, so that folder can be deleted?


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Quote · 18 Apr 2023

Don't delete the Flash folder because some of the Core Dolphin items will probably be using it. I'm still running a couple of Dolphin sites with it installed, but they're not using video conversion or compression.

I honestly have no idea what uses Flash and what doesn't. A quick search for "Flash" here may give you answers, but leave all the installed files including modules and templates intact, even if you're not using them.

Quote · 18 Apr 2023

Hello joelde123!


You may use the permissions command form this manual, available now

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