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Where and how do I set profile question?  I have people trying to join they cannot they seem to be stuck in a endless loop.  How or where do I choose what profile questions are needed or not?

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If you haven't done this already, you really shouldn't have your site open to the public. Out of the box, Dolphin's profile questions are very basic and it's not a good idea to change them around once people begin filling out their profiles.

You should start with a test site and build the profile questions to suit your needs, but don't overwhelm people with too many questions or ones that are difficult to answer. The same can be said with the Join Form. Just ask basic questions like User Name, Password, Date of Birth and maybe a short Description. Ask more questions once they've joined and have time to read other people's profiles. This will help them to fill out their own.

The Profile Questions area is one of Dolphin's most powerful features and it takes some time to get things right. It's not a good idea to confuse your members by deleting one question and replacing it with another. Do all this before you go live. 

Some questions like Date of Birth are mandatory, whilst others are optional. You can create your own questions in a variety of formats and you can supply hints.

To explain how everything is done would take a 100 page thick book, so you must play, practice, play some more until you get it right. Then invite your members.

The questions are in Admin (the spanner)/Builders/Profile Fields

You start with the Join Form, then work your way through Edit Profile and View Profile for Members, Admin and Guests. You can then move on to setting up questions for a variety of Search Forms.

There's a lot to be done and it won't happen in a few minutes.  What you do here will make or break your site!

This is in  Russian (?) but it may help:

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