store module and paypal setup


i have a few questions for anyone who is able to answer (greatly appreciated)


1.  I installed the "Payment" module (and it's dependent modules) in order to charge memberships for my site.  When I go to the module menu to configure "Payment" , it does not allow me to click on either PayPal or 2checkout in order to configure them??

Anyone have any idea why not?

2.  Does the store allow for members to have their own personal store front and configure their own payment options, or is it just one big general store all lumped together?

If it is just one big general store, and a member uses the option, I give them, to add a product, how do they get paid??



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I have the same questions ..anyone help me

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I also have the same questions.

I need my members to be able to showcase their books, offer them for sale and receive payments

Adding books to their store works fine but when anyone tries to add them to their cart a popup appears This member does not accept payments?

How can this be rectified?

paypal module is installed

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Did you setup your Payment according to this page: ?


Also, yes, every users in your case should have own settings of the PayPal.

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This member does not accept payments?

Each member sets up their paypal credentials in their account.  Go to Account, then payments, and then click on the dropdown at the right of the list of payments and choose settings.  There they enter their paypal settings based on how they have their paypal account set up.

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thanks all, I'm on it  Embarassed


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