user login isnt working and reload page msg




Without the splash page:




With splash page:


1) Login doesnt work


2) sign up works then hit 'join now' on the additional info page, takes me to 

'' with an error that reads

Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page.

- i reload the page and im logged into the new account







i go to login:

i then see this page after clicking login:

and the page says: Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page.

Of course reload dont work so i remove the index.php and enter

then it looks normal

After checking to see if there are other things i clicked license on the 

left in dashboard brings up an error: Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page.

Reloading doesnt work, back button does...address bar was normal


anyone with any suggestions on how to fix this or these things.. wud be much appreciated

Quote · 6 May 2021

The something went wrong message means a php error or a mysql error.  You can turn on full reporting to the browser by changing the /inc/ setting:

$site['fullError']         = true;

Your setting will be false by default.

Sometimes you will get a blank page with a php error message; you may have to look in your error logs.  Also, in the /tmp folder you will find an error log as well; check that and see what you find and post here if you need more help.

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Quote · 8 May 2021

thanks again for your help ..very much appreciated, all's great now 

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